A downloadable game for Windows

Moderately Balloon Bros, is a stupidly hard plattformer game. You play as a balloon that needs to get to the top of the dungeon in order to meet your friends again!

This game was made during a 5-day gamejam in Skövde, Sweden. (So don't take it too seriously!)


Left/A-button: Move Left

Right/D-button: Move Right

Use the air from the fans to move upwards

Made By:

Simon Larsson(programmer)

Johan Larsson (Artist)

Isak Arbman (Artist)

Jo-Jo (Musician)

Install instructions

  1. Unzip in your preferred location
  2. Double Click on the folder "Moderately Balloon Bros"
  3. Double Click on "MBB.exe"


Moderately Ballon Bros.zip 14 MB